My name is Petr Řehánek. I from Czech republik.

I live in northen Moravia , near city Ostrava. From a young age I was intersted in cynology. For many years I have been interested in dog traning. Thirty years I have bred boxers and my woman maltese. We currently have one beagle and one cavalier king charles spaniel. I have Works in variol functions and clubs.  

Now I am just judging of dogs, which I greatly enjoy. I am judge for all breeds of dogs. I judged in many countries, for example : Czech republik, India, Australia, Gruzia, Slowakia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlend, Croatia, Slovenia, Srbia, Kyrgistan, Kazachstan, Malta, Izrael, Ukraina, Russia, Poland, Austria, Spain, Brasil, China, Bosna and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Belarus, Litwa, Luthenia, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Finland. Dog shows dictate in the following languages: Czech,English,Germany,Russian and Poland.